Nebraska Broadband Speed Test

The Nebraska Regional Officials Council (NROC) announces the launch of a statewide broadband mapping initiative. Residents in the state of Nebraska are encouraged to partake in the one-minute speed test from any internet-enabled device.

Why does Broadband matter?

Education: Broadband helps schools reallocate funds to resources that actively enrich student learning.

Health: Broadband improves healthcare outcomes and extends the reach of healthcare.

Local Business: Broadband unleashes entrepreneurship and empowers small businesses to compete online.

Public Safety: Broadband enables quick and easy access to emergency services so first responders and community members can save lives.

Community: Broadband is a pillar for community growth and sustainability.

Project Information

Broadband internet access is a vital part of the modern economy and the economic development of rural Nebraska is tied more and more to broadband connectivity. Due to the impact of COVID-19, there has been a higher need for broadband internet accessibility. In Nebraska, students, residents, employees and local business owners have struggled with basic modern-day tasks, as much of their operations have moved online. NROC’s initiative will explore how these demands are affecting current providers’ speeds, find gaps in service and learn how much residents are paying for services.


The aim of this initiative is to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas, and broadband is the key that links our communities together. As unserved and underserved areas are labeled through this project, stakeholders and economic developers can plan for the potential expansion of broadband infrastructure that will support businesses and residents both now and in the future.

Reasons to Participate

  • 100% privacy is guaranteed.

  • The test is free for all Nebraskans.

  • You can participate at your own convenience – any time, anywhere.

  • You contribute to the growth and development of your community at no cost.

Take the Speed Test

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